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What is 900lb. Gorilla?
Make More Money, Get More Clients, Grow Your Business, Find Freedom.
900lb. Gorilla is my brand.  It's a personal philosophy I've adopted into my business. It's based on the old saying "Where does a 900lb. gorilla sit? Anywhere he f**king wants to". 
That is my goal for YOU. I want to help you DOMINATE your local market, become the "Go To" expert, crush your competition, build your brand and to be the 900lb. Gorilla in your local market.

To Your Success!
I turn "Clicks into Clients!"

Fitness Pros, Restaurants and Local Businesses hire me to bring them paying clients! ...NOT LEADS

900lb. Gorilla is a social media marketing agency that focuses on Facebook, Instagram advertisements and Google "3 Pack", so your clients can find you and spend money in your business. 

But it's more than just running Facebook ads, It's about having a killer marketing strategy, and that's what makes me an expert.

I will work with you to develop a rock-solid marketing plan that will 10x your business and crush your competition.

Our success is attributed to getting detailed information about your People, Products, and Processes, then we design a sales funnel and targeted advertising to bring customers through your front door and paying you money. Period. 

I look forward to making you money.
We Turn "Click into Clients".
If you are not heavily invested in marketing on these 3 platforms, your business will suffer...
Facebook is the cheapest and best place right now to target your ideal clients. With over 1 billion users, the ROI is mind-blowing!
Stop saying "Facebook doesn't work for my business".
Let me show you.
Over one third of mobile users are on Instagram, and 51.8% of social network users use Instagram.
Why aren't you marketing to them??
Mobile users spend an average of 40 minutes per session on Youtube.
On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any broadcast or CABLE TV network.
Lead Generation / Marketing and Advertising
Social Media Management
Research & Analysis
Website Design
Photography / Video Creation
The Money Box
82% of customers who search for a local business online visit a physical location that same day [source: Google 2016]. 
3 out of 4 of those visits ends in a purchase. Having an easy to find, easy to navigate, and modern looking website ensures that you are the business of choice when your customers find you in a local search.

Google Local 3-Pack… (the Money Box)
With our Google Search placement program we GUARANTEE top "3 pack" local search visibility over your competitors, and a consistent increase in 5 STAR Google reviews in 90 days! We will make you THE authority in your niche, in your market. That means more customers walking in your door every day! If we don't get the results you are after in 90 days, we will give you your money back!
Our Focus Is On Your Success!
Some of the Industries We Serve...
  •   Gym Owners
  •   Personal Trainers
  •   Fitness Professionals
  • Chiropractors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Contractors
  •  Doctors / Dentists 
  •  And MORE...

Joseph Orozco (Realtor) says:

"Brian's facebook strategies have blown up my business. I have more buyer leads than I can handle and my listings are going crazy. Also, my open house traffic has doubled since working with Brian. I'm killing it and I'm finally ready to build my team!"

Amy Sanders (Hair Stylist) says:

"Brian knows all the tricks to make it my business successful. His company helped add thousands of engaged followers to my Instagram... and my website is near the top of Google... Best of all, the I get new client leads just about everyday"

Sara Dunning (Personal Trainer) says:

"I knew Facebook and Social Media was a smart place to be advertising my business. I bought courses online and wasted a ton of time trying to figure it out. It turned into a full time job!
Working with Brian... all I can say is OMG... It's tripled my business.

Dave Souza (Chiropractor) says:

"I met Brian just at the right time. His ideas for new ad campaigns are absolute genius. He gets people walking into my office consistently and predictably. Every dollar I spend with him, easily turns onto three or four with new patients. It really is a no brainer..."
About Brian
Hi, my name is Brian Singer. 

My company offers marketing strategies for local business owners, from making more money, to daily tips for your marketing online, to strategies for getting more clients, earning passive income, and consulting services.

It is my goal to offer you help in branding yourself, marketing your business and offering your clients an undeniable reason to hire you.
I got my start over 15 yeas ago as a video editor, video producer and working on national infomercial campaigns, (...yes, those late night ThighMaster / Slap Chop commercials).

My team of copy writers, graphic designers, social media experts, web developers, graphic designers, and photographers, will provide you with all the necessary strategies to successfully market your business... 

As a business owner myself, and 23 years of "being my own boss", I understand the challenges of trying to manage a business by yourself and to maintain a consistent, successful marketing strategy.

Let's build a Bad Ass Business together... My focus is on your success. 

I live in Southern California with my wife, three kids and two dogs.

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