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What's 900lb. Gorilla?
Make More Money, Get More Clients, Grow Your Business, Find Freedom.
900lb. Gorilla is my brand.  It's a personal philosophy I've adopted into my business. It's based on the old saying "Where does a 900lb. gorilla sit? Anywhere he f**king wants to". 
That is my goal for YOU. I want to help you DOMINATE your local market, become the "Go To" expert, crush your competition, build your brand and to be the 900lb. Gorilla in your local market.

To Your Success!
Making money in construction is not as easy as many would like to believe.

If it was, more contractors and remodeling businesses would survive. 

I will be offering a wide range of products and services to help your business succeed and that will help you DOMINATE your local market, regardless of your specific trade or service. 

...if you’re willing to learn and have a strong work ethic then I can help you grow your business, market your services, and make more money. 

Now you have the opportunity to skip a lot of the mistakes I made so you can jump-start your own business. This site is my little way of giving back and providing some level of encouragement in an industry that can be brutal at times. 

Hopefully my experience and insights will be valuable to you on your path to becoming a successful contractor.
We Turn "Click into Clients".
If you are not heavily invested in marketing on these 3 platforms, your business will suffer...
Facebook is the cheapest and best place right now to target your ideal clients. With over 1 billion users, the ROI is mind-blowing!
Stop saying "Facebook doesn't work for my business".
Let me show you.
Over one third of mobile users are on Instagram, and 51.8% of social network users use Instagram.
Why aren't you marketing to them??
Mobile users spend an average of 40 minutes per session on Youtube.
On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year-olds than any broadcast or CABLE TV network.
Lead Generation / Marketing and Advertising
Social Media Management
Research & Analysis
Website Design
Photography / Video Creation
My Focus Is On Your Success!
Some of the Industries We Serve...
  •   Gym Owners
  •   Personal Trainers
  •   Fitness Professionals
  • Chiropractors
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Restaurant Owners
  • Contractors
  •  Doctors / Dentists 
  •  And MORE...
About Brian
Hi, my name is Brian Singer. 

I’ve been a licensed general contractor since 2007 and an entrepreneur, and small business owner since 1996. I created this coaching program to show you how to achieve major success with your own contracting or service business. 

I’m not one of those BS gurus that have zero actual experience when it comes to real-world business success. I started and grew my own remodeling business… but I’ll be honest with you – when I first got started over 20 years ago, I was clueless. I didn’t know how to get going, I didn’t know how to market, but I had the one thing that matters most if you’re going to be your own boss: DETERMINATION. 

I worked, I pushed, and I improved. I took every setback and every mistake and used it as a way to grow and learn. Eventually my persistence paid off. 

Now you have the opportunity to skip a lot of the mistakes I made so you can jump-start your own business. This site is my little way of giving back and providing some level of encouragement in an industry that can sometimes be brutal. 

As a business owner myself, and 23 years of "being my own boss", I understand the challenges of trying to manage a business by yourself and to maintain a consistent, successful marketing strategy. 

My company offers coaching, marketing strategies for making more money, and strategies for getting more clients. 

It is my goal to offer you help in branding yourself, marketing your business and giving your clients an undeniable reason to hire you. 

Let's build a Bad Ass Business together... My focus is on your success.    
I live in Southern California with my wife, three kids and two dogs.

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